Tuesday, August 23, 2016


I do not regret a day I have been with my love Elizabeth (Susie). Well maybe that's not true, I regret not having met her years earlier.

Well a lot has happened in our lives, not all good, but we endure and chug on. I lost my job in AZ due to the practices of one Barrack Obama. Some of you may not like that because you are Democrats but its the way it is. Susie also lost her job due to democrat policies and Obamacare, all companies are down sizing in an effort to combat rising costs of medical etc. Some are loosing positions that were formally full-time and now are offered only as part-time with reduced hours. But this isn't about politics its about relationships.

Susie and I lost the home in AZ. But through the grace of God he has led us further down the path of adventure and we now find ourselves in Texas, in fact we've been here almost 6 years now. Susie works from home, I am disabled and waiting for my SSD claim to finalize (been since 2010) I was rear ended on the highway while riding my baby (2007 FLHRCI) and I have severe back and shoulder issues now and am unable to work full-time (I have been rear ended a total of 5 times in my life since getting my license @ 15.
Our Son (my Stepson) and 4 of our grandchildren live in this State as well so we do have some family close by, which is awesome.

I lost my father in 2012 to a heart attack in FL. I flew there to be with him in his final moments and was there as he went to be with our lord in Heaven. We'll miss him terribly. Dad left Susie and I his vacation home, so now we have a home again when Susie retires which is not too far off hopefully. We also got a new family member, his name is Minki a Siamese Cat and he's our child.

So now the road is uncertain for us but Susie and I are very much in love and look forward to a life together in retirement. It just goes to show you that a relationship can be created and endure from a tool such as the internet. Susie and I would never have met without it. For us it is a blessing we'll not forget, it might be for you as well?

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